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our ideal

Lincoln-Douglas debate should be relentlessly logical, articulate, and persuasive. More than anything else, debate is about excellence. No one is exempt from pursuing improvement, not Dominate authors, old debaters, or new debaters.

our emphasis

We emphasize the basics: sound logic, pursuing truth, and persuasive excellence. Emphasizing the fundamentals forms a sound foundation that leads to winning, but these principles per se have more value than winning ballots.

our method

No one sets out to lose debates. It is the competitive nature of the game that drives students. Our method is to provide the tools for debaters to succeed in competition by building up their skillset rather than simply providing them cases to read.


Our authors are consistently the best LD thinkers and writers in the nation, and we’re always looking for more people with the talent of sound argumentation. If you are interested in helping us achieve our vision for better debate, email mail@dominatedebate.com with why you want to become an author and your best case from the past year.



We are always open to guest articles for the blog. Submit your article to mail@dominatedebate.com.