Announcing Dominate LD 2012 – Stoa Edition

Two new top-notch authors are joining the Stoa Dominate crew for the 2012 season, once again pushing Dominate LD far ahead of competing sourcebooks in both depth of analysis and quality of argumentation.

Patrick Shipsey, NCFCA policy debate champion, brings his intellect and wit to tackle the new Stoa resolution. Shipsey’s style has been described as one of the most innovative and empirically-grounded on the national Stoa Lincoln Douglas circuit. Joshua Mirth, long reputed in the debate community as one of Lincoln Douglas’s top researchers, has been brought on as Dominate LD’s research consultant for the 2012 season. Mirth harnesses his unique skillset from previous years of researching both LD and policy topics to bring debaters a complement of briefs for the upcoming season surpassing even the quality of those from the last.

Shipsey and Mirth join Jon Chi Lou and Joe Laughon, authors of the original Dominate LD, to form an expanded but tight-knit crew, melding value and policy perspectives to form a comprehensive and cohesive view of the forthcoming debate season.

For those debaters planning on competing with the NCFCA, Dominate Debate will be releasing the NCFCA edition of Dominate LD, to be announced after NCFCA nationals.

Dominate LD changed Stoa and NCFCA LD debate when it debuted in 2010 by providing a unique combination of practical advice and advanced argumentation to debaters of every level. Dominate continues to provide resources to promote progress in homeschool Lincoln Douglas debate, including a Lincoln Douglas debate blog and Dominate LD. Get free updates from Dominate Debate delivered to your inbox by joining the mailing list or to your Facebook news feed by liking Dominate Debate.