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As We Head Into The Tournament Season…

As we head into what are the opening tournaments of the season (lookin’ at you, Concordia), it’s probably a good idea to go back and reread five of Domination’s most helpful posts on debating so far: 5. introducing clarity into the round 4. Debating In Front Of Community Judges via WolkenPower 3. introducing structure into […]

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Improve Your Cross Examination

NCFCA policy champion Patrick Shipsey reviewed The Art Of Cross-Examination on the Ethos Blog today. Check out his review. Another good read on the subject is Cody Herche’s Keys to Cross Examination, written specifically with forensics competition in mind and for both value and policy debate. It’s an easy read that you’ll be able to […]

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Free LD Resources

This list will be updated as I come across more material—send your resource to mail at dominatedebate dot com. LD Crash Course – debate.uvm.edu/Library/LDArea/ldguide.html Short but sweet. Ultimate LD Debate Handbook – lddebate.net/ Great book. Covers all the basics. Introduction to Lincoln Douglas Debate – jimmenick.com/henhud/nfl_intro_ld.pdf Covers much of the same basics from a different perspective. NFL […]

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You’re Better Off Without A Debate Coach

A brilliant post by Bill Batterman of the 3NR discusses how to take advantage of your coach as a resource. As a debater who started out without a coach, had coaching for a year, then went coach-less, I can personally attest to the absolute necessity of following these 10 guidelines for making your coach-debater relationships […]

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Remember 5 Things To Win More Debate Rounds

Keep these in mind during each debate to win more rounds. 1. You’re right. They’re wrong. No matter what. There are flaws in your opponent’s case, no matter how strong it seems. Know that, and it will help you come up with arguments. 2. Contrast If they’re unclear, be clear. If they’re fired up, be […]

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Do you want to rise above the competition?

It’s the first of December, and round robin season is about to end. If you’ve been waiting on getting your own Dominate LD 2011, now is the time to get started on separating yourself from the rest of the competition. Regardless of whether you feel totally prepared or in need of help, Dominate LD is […]

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