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Full Backfiles

Hey everyone! It’s been long overdue, but I’ve finally put up all the backfiles for download. I noticed that people were still coming here looking for information—and a lot of resolution topics get recycled so hopefully you’ll find these useful!     Dominate 2015 Axia Edition: Stoa (Jurisprudence, Community Standards) | NCFCA Dominate 2014: Stoa | NCFCA Dominate 2013: Stoa | NCFCA […]

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Time to Talk.

Dominate 2015 is out, we’ve released 6 editions’ worth of previous Dominate cases and articles to coaches, and the LD Collective is back. LD Collective We started this Facebook group as a way for Dominate readers to talk, but since HSD has fallen out of use, we’ve decided to open up the group to all debaters. Find out more here and join here. For […]

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This Fall, Challenge Yourself

Dominate Debate’s third year of providing NCFCA and Stoa debaters with the definitive Lincoln-Douglas resource brings back veteran writers and new talent alike. NCFCA authors this year are Joseph Laughon, Trevor Heise, and Jon Chi Lou; Stoa authors include Patrick Shipsey, Elena Trueba, and Blaire Bayliss. Announcements: This year’s fan-exclusive downloads are now available on our Facebook […]

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Announcing Dominate LD 2012 – Stoa Edition

Two new top-notch authors are joining the Stoa Dominate crew for the 2012 season, once again pushing Dominate LD far ahead of competing sourcebooks in both depth of analysis and quality of argumentation. Patrick Shipsey, NCFCA policy debate champion, brings his intellect and wit to tackle the new Stoa resolution. Shipsey’s style has been described […]

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Do you want to rise above the competition?

It’s the first of December, and round robin season is about to end. If you’ve been waiting on getting your own Dominate LD 2011, now is the time to get started on separating yourself from the rest of the competition. Regardless of whether you feel totally prepared or in need of help, Dominate LD is […]

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