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Lincoln Douglas

Why You Should Ditch Your Criterion

Having a criterion had always been a no-brainer for me. At the very first debate tournament I attended, I noticed that almost all the debaters there were using criteria. A coach I met at that tournament explained that criteria help to simplify your case, strengthen your logical links, and overall help your judge to understand […]

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Free Response Blip — AT: Individual Rights Are Subjective

First off, apologies for the publishing hiatus; I’ve been somewhat busy with school. Now on to the quick post for today. I’m sure you’ve seen this argument before: “Individual Rights are subjective, and it makes them real bad. Oh wait, why are they subjective? Right, I defined them as subjective in my 1AC.” In fact, […]

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Free LD Resources

This list will be updated as I come across more material—send your resource to mail at dominatedebate dot com. LD Crash Course – debate.uvm.edu/Library/LDArea/ldguide.html Short but sweet. Ultimate LD Debate Handbook – lddebate.net/ Great book. Covers all the basics. Introduction to Lincoln Douglas Debate – jimmenick.com/henhud/nfl_intro_ld.pdf Covers much of the same basics from a different perspective. NFL […]

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