Do you want to rise above the competition?

It’s the first of December, and round robin season is about to end. If you’ve been waiting on getting your own Dominate LD 2011, now is the time to get started on separating yourself from the rest of the competition. Regardless of whether you feel totally prepared or in need of help, Dominate LD is the most advanced guide to winning in LD this year.

1. Rise above the suck. Now or never.
We think this resolution is tough. If you think otherwise, Dominate may not be for you. We’re poured hundreds of man-hours into this book to augment your work, so you can gain a complete view of the resolution. Face it: this year, it’ll be a big deal just to have a clear case. Master the resolution, rise above the suck. You will emerge with a new understanding of the resolution after reading Dominate LD 2011. We promise.

2. Snacking on Cheetos is not satisfying.
Run-of-the-mill arguments are perfect for debate camps. They get cycled out of existence after the first qualifier. Dominate LD provides a dedicated section of fresh and advanced arguments in addition to a selection of cases that will last well into nationals. It’s time to move past the Cheetos and on to actually, satisfying food. (it’s not just that Cheetos make your lips look like they have a spray-on tan)

3. Become a better debater.
Don’t worry, we’re not about to stick basic debate lessons up your nose. After you see the way we analyze the resolution and create arguments, you will understand how we write cases and arguments a certain way that gets you farther. We explain how we reach our conclusions in our arguments; we don’t just give them to you.

Don’t fall behind. Get your Dominate LD now.