Dominate 2015 › Now Available for Pre Order

An all new edition of Dominate is available for pre-order for $5 off the regular sale price! The pre-order price is available until release. Blaire Bayliss edits both the Stoa and NCFCA editions of the sourcebook and is joined by a remarkable team of writers.

This season, we’ve worked with Ethos Publications to make Dominate better than ever. With the new dual resolutions adopted by Stoa, we’ve responded by producing even more material so that all the analysis you need is at your fingertips, before the season starts. The NCFCA edition gets love too, since we’ve boosted the number of cases included in the sourcebook.

Find out more about the definitive NCFCA and Stoa LD sourcebook, then head to Ethos to pre-order yours today.