Free Response Blip — AT: Individual Rights Are Subjective

First off, apologies for the publishing hiatus; I’ve been somewhat busy with school. Now on to the quick post for today. I’m sure you’ve seen this argument before:

“Individual Rights are subjective, and it makes them real bad. Oh wait, why are they subjective? Right, I defined them as subjective in my 1AC.”

In fact, I posted about it before on Domination in December of last year. As a debater, I don’t like that because you’re abusing your ability to define and trying to pull a win out of that.

The 6 responses in that December post would be hard to read in a round, so for everyone else, I’ve written up a simple 30-second parent-judge-friendly blip for you to read in-round:

“My opponent says different people have different opinions on what individual rights is. No kidding. People have different views on everything. I have several responses:

1. I fail to see why the fact that people have different views means I lose.
2. For every different view of what individual rights is, I can bring up three different views of what popular sovereignty is. China calls itself a Republic and so does North Korea and Cuba. If my opponent wants consensus, Popular Sovereignty fails this standard as much, if not more than individual rights.”

Let’s decimate this argument.