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Blaire Bayliss


Rachel Donka
Rachel Donka has been competing in speech and debate for four years. She has competed in every single speech event for at least one tournament, and the three nationally sanctioned styles of debate. As a debate novice, she broke to NITOC in team policy, and advanced to the first stage of out rounds. This last year, Rachel competed in Team Policy, Parliamentary, and Lincoln Douglas debate, stretching across both STOA and NCFCA. In Team Policy, at NCFCA Nationals, she and her brother advanced to the double octa final, placing in the top 23 nationally. At NITOC, for parliamentary debate, the team of Donka/Donka was awarded second place. Finally, during her very first year of competition in Lincoln Douglas debate, Rachel took the title of 2014 National Lincoln Douglas Champion, winning the national tournament 12-0. In her free time, Rachel enjoys cooking, eating, and poorly playing various musical instruments.

Rebekah Jorgensen
“I will never, ever debate.” Yes, Rebekah’s friends faithfully remind her of this statement made during her first year of high school forensics. As an NCFCA alumni who is currently entering her sophomore year at Patrick Henry College, Rebekah is a passionate lover of the color yellow, polka dots, Welsh Corgis, peonies, Gilmore Girls, and the Cupid Shuffle. But she also thinks forensics are basically the best thing ever (Ok. It’s an addiction.), and since her first competition year in 2008, she has received over one hundred awards in almost every speech category and Lincoln-Douglas debate. This love of forensics has spilled over into participation in Patrick Henry’s moot court, mock trial, and British parliamentary debate teams. Rebekah is majoring in International Politics and Policy, and is pursuing a career fighting human trafficking with the International Justice Mission, with the possibility of attending law school in 2017. Yet even in light of these accomplishments and goals, Rebekah is most excited about a passionate relationship with Jesus Christ. The Lord’s mercies that are new every morning have never been more real to her, and she can’t wait to experience more of life’s wild adventures!

Wayne Hurty
Wayne Hurty is a rising senior beginning his third year of debate in the NCFCA and his second year in Stoa. A nationally-ranked Lincoln-Douglas competitor in both leagues, Wayne is known for his atypical approach to debate and his strong emphasis on real-world applicable cases and argumentation. Wayne intends to attend Patrick Henry College in the year 2016 with a major in Government before attending Law School. He is a fan of sapphire blue and matte black, especially in combination. In his spare time Wayne enjoys research, case writing, coaching his siblings, Call of Duty and reading.

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Joseph Laughon

Jon Chi Lou
Jon Chi Lou started Dominate Debate with Joe Laughon in 2010 because he felt there was a lack of affordable, high quality sourcebooks on the market. Jon won a number of local and national awards in in his high school and college career, and currently attends UCLA.