Remember 5 Things To Win More Debate Rounds

Keep these in mind during each debate to win more rounds.

1. You’re right. They’re wrong.

No matter what. There are flaws in your opponent’s case, no matter how strong it seems. Know that, and it will help you come up with arguments.

2. Contrast

If they’re unclear, be clear. If they’re fired up, be calm. If they’re emotional, be logical. In team debate, this type of contrast applies between team members as well.

3. You know what you’re talking about.

What you’re saying makes sense—be confident. Fake it until you make it. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, come up with a reason you’re right during prep time. Your idea isn’t that crazy, after all, and some insanely smart people have come up with reasons some truly crazy ideas are true. Your position is simple and reasonable by contrast. In other words, you’re always right. You just need to come up with a reason why.

4. Big Picture

Keep the big picture in mind. Does this pertain to the argument at all? Does the argument pertain to the resolution? Does the argument matter at all in this specific round?

On a bigger level, make sure your actions in round don’t jeopardize your friendships.

5. Winning This Round Is The Most Important

You know what isn’t important? Breaking. Qualifying. Getting high speaks. Winning the tournament. What is important? Winning the round you’re in right now. Because those other things don’t matter, right now. The most important thing is winning the round you’re in.