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Let's Make Debate Less Horrible

Free Response Blip — AT: Individual Rights Are Subjective

First off, apologies for the publishing hiatus; I’ve been somewhat busy with school. Now on to the quick post for today. I’m sure you’ve seen this argument before: “Individual Rights are subjective, and it makes them real bad. Oh wait, why are they subjective? Right, I defined them as subjective in my 1AC.” In fact, […]

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introducing structure into the round

Here’s the second post in the Domination series, Let’s Make Debate Less Horrible. The more you know. On Aff • Please lay out some burdens analysis in your first speech. What do you think the resolution requires you to do, and what options does the negative have? Oh, and don’t just say “I have to […]

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introducing clarity into the round

If you’ve done any level of analysis on this resolution, you’ll have realized that it is a giant trainwreck. Add to that, there are an infinite number of ways to make a round confusing and only several to make it clear. However, this year’s topic presents us with the unique opportunity to debate the topic […]

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