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You’re Better Off Without A Debate Coach

A brilliant post by Bill Batterman of the 3NR discusses how to take advantage of your coach as a resource. As a debater who started out without a coach, had coaching for a year, then went coach-less, I can personally attest to the absolute necessity of following these 10 guidelines for making your coach-debater relationships […]

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Remember 5 Things To Win More Debate Rounds

Keep these in mind during each debate to win more rounds. 1. You’re right. They’re wrong. No matter what. There are flaws in your opponent’s case, no matter how strong it seems. Know that, and it will help you come up with arguments. 2. Contrast If they’re unclear, be clear. If they’re fired up, be […]

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Mastering Interpretations in Debate

Topicality debates can get boring, confusing, and un-fun in general. But they’re necessary. Here’s the foundation to winning topicality debates, with more topicality posts to follow. This is also very applicable to policy debate. There Can Be More Than One Valid Interpretation! There can be more than one interpretation of a sentence that is equally […]

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