This Fall, Challenge Yourself

Dominate Debate’s third year of providing NCFCA and Stoa debaters with the definitive Lincoln-Douglas resource brings back veteran writers and new talent alike. NCFCA authors this year are Joseph Laughon, Trevor Heise, and Jon Chi Lou; Stoa authors include Patrick Shipsey, Elena Trueba, and Blaire Bayliss.


  • This year’s fan-exclusive downloads are now available on our Facebook page.  The table of contents is included as well. Head over and grab yours now.
  • We’ve streamlined the sourcebook yet again, which has allowed us to add more relevant material than ever.
  • Dominate for Coaches. This is a new program for all LD coaches that provides you with access to the most important sections of our sourcebook free of charge, as well as access to significant group discounts.
  • LD Collective. Never before have students been able to ask questions about analysis presented in sourcebooks or challenge opinions expressed in them. The LD Collective is where that happens. Each Dominate LD owner this year will receive an invitation to join this exclusive community.

Dominate LD 2013 is now available for order and immediate digital delivery at