Time to Talk.

Dominate 2015 is out, we’ve released 6 editions’ worth of previous Dominate cases and articles to coaches, and the LD Collective is back.

LD Collective

We started this Facebook group as a way for Dominate readers to talk, but since HSD has fallen out of use, we’ve decided to open up the group to all debaters. Find out more here and join here.

For Coaches

If you’re an LD coach, visit this page to sign up for Dominate for Coaches to receive 6 previous editions of Dominate, including all cases and articles, for free. It’s not only a great place to find a variety of case formats and ideas to inspire you for LD, but also a great way to practice for parli.

Dominate 2015

It’s here for your reading pleasure. We have more cases than ever, and the sourcebook is more usable than ever, thanks to digital delivery in .doc format that allows you to quickly edit cases to your liking. You’ll get the sourcebook in PDF as well. See more information at dominatedebate.com/dominateld and order at Ethos here.